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Before PPM English Debate Final 1997
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Before PPM English

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Tuesday, 12-Apr-2005 00:00
Pictures of Yesteryear
Guys n Girls,

I am thoroughly suprised to rediscover this collection of pictures. A fortunate search on Google revealed that my Fortunecity account is still alive after all these years. It was at Fortunecity that I created and published my very first website - XXIInd Thoroughbred Picture Gallery.

I was an avid photographer back in koleq. Evenmoreso, I managed to support my craving for latenight 'order' food by making a business out of selling pictures. Priced at 50cents each, I can easily get hundreds of orders per week, thus a minimum profit of RM50 per roll of film is certainly not far from reach.

My koleq-days collection eventually swelled up to more than 1000 pictures. This I dare say this is the biggest collection of pictures ever collected by a Malay College student during a 5-year stay in this alma mater. Any doubters? Prove me wrong ;-)

So people, to ponder how youthfulness brought us such wonderful memories is a blessing bestowed upon us by God Almighty when the offer letter arrived on our doorsteps that fateful day. 8 years have gone by, but by all means all budak koleq never age even abit - just the belly would grow bigger, the wallet would grow thicker, and in some case - budak koleqs Jr are in the making.


Ps : For the complete collection, please click http://www.katmane.com/GeybangGallery/igallery33/folderview.asp?folder=(Feiz+Album)-Pictures+of+Yesteryear(here)

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